Jinjie & James a high fashion affair

Jinjie & James were the winners of our Win Your Wedding Photography Contest. Their story and their wedding location made them the winners and I couldn’t wait to shoot their wedding. The details, colors and style of this wedding were amazing and made for some incredible photographs. The day started out meeting up with the guys as they got ready at The Fairmont Hotel in San Jose. They were a really fun group of guys and we had a great time walking around for photos (and of course hitting the hotel bar first!) Then on to the girls, where even with a crazy morning involving some water and a wedding dress the ladies looked fantastic. Jinjie’s hot pink killer heels (which were the original inspiration for the wedding style) looked perfect with her dress, and we had a lot of fun making sure we could see a peek of them in the photos. The ceremony took place at St. Joseph’s a truly spectacular cathedral in San Jose. Then on to the reception, which took place at the San Jose Museum of Modern Art. It was the perfect location for a couple with such a sense of high fashion and style. The party was really rocking, with Jinjie performing a dance for James and the kids participating in a family ceremony. All in all it was a beautiful day. Congratulations Jinjie & James!


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  1. Beth!! Awesome job! I didnt expect any less. Im going to post this link on my blog

    Hope to work with you again sometime soon!

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